Reopening Services for U.S. Government Agencies

Rise with Sodexo

A Systematic Approach to Embracing a Positive New World.

Systematic Approach to Embracing a Positive New World.

U.S. federal agencies are facing extraordinary challenges: balancing the uninterrupted delivery of services--many essential to the security of our nation--with the need to protect the safety of the federal workforce, their families, and their communities. The rules for critical services such as disinfection and cleaning, temperature monitoring, optimizing accommodations and workplace spaces, providing flexible dining options, and much more, have all been rewritten.

Today, the workforce continues to need services that support their well-being and meet their evolving needs. With experience successfully supporting our Government partners around the world throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Sodexo has redesigned our services to help you chart a positive course for your “new normal.”


As trusted partners for the U.S. military and Federal Government for the past 40 years, we have been by your side, supporting your mission through services that enhance the quality of life of government personnel and their guests. At the height of the crisis, we continued to provide on-the-ground experience and uncompromising health and safety standards to clients and partners, leveraging our global expertise and local insights with our culture of innovation, agility, and flexibility.

With our deep expertise and understanding of your organization’s mission, we help you identify and implement comprehensive solutions. We customize our programs to meet the needs of your organization and explore every option to provide an environment where everyone remains safe, secure and productive.

When you Rise with Sodexo, you gain access to our expansive expertise and resources while working with a local team that is dedicated to the interests of your people and your business. Ask one of our restart experts how Sodexo can help your organization rise.


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