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As we navigate unprecedented changes that affect every area of our workforces and workplaces, we know the importance of emphasizing safety and well-being for all. To support organizations during these efforts, we have compiled a variety of resources to help you operate with confidence.


• Checklists to Operate Your Business Safely

• Four Steps to Operating Safely

Checklists to Operate your Business Safely

Checklists to Operate Your Business Safely

There's a lot to consider as you work to update your operations for safety. These checklists walk you through what you need to know, from CDC guidelines concerning:

• disinfection

• cleanliness

• managing possible illnesses in the workplace

• setting up dining services

• other key considerations.

Four Steps to Operating Safely

Four Steps to Operating Safely

This ebook outlines insights and proven strategies to guide organizations as they adapt their plans for facilities management within the COVID context, including:

• Identifying the key activities that are essential to your business

• Conducting a workplace risk assessment

• Communicating plans that build confidence within your organization

Ensuring a Smooth Workplace Transition

As a business leader preparing your organization for the future, it is essential to know where employees stand now and what expectations they hold.

Sodexo partenered with Harris Interactive to answer the questions: How has COVID-19 and the lockdown affected employees' work life balance and how do they fell about returning to the workplace?

We analyzed four areas that revealed usuful information and actionable insights for leaders:

• employee state of mind during the lockdown

• employee experience working from home

• employee perspective on returning to the workplace

• sustainable business practices

These articles explore employees' perspective on returning to the workplace and how employers can support a smooth transition. Click on the links below to view these articles:

Current State of Employee Wellbeing & Productivity

The WFH Experience & the Employer Role

Workplace Safety: Top Consideration in Returning to Office


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