Rise with Sodexo and Centerplate

A Systematic Approach to Embracing A Positive New World.

A Systematic Approach to Embracing A Positive New World.

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We will work with you to set a positive course for your “new normal” as a venue and embrace a new way of living. We take our responsibility for the well-being of the communities we serve seriously and will fully focus on the needs of today’s guests.

Our Rise with Sodexo and Centerplate program is our systematic approach to helping our clients restart safely as we all embrace this new world and adapt to a different environment.

Personalized Plans to Keep Your Venue Safe and Clean

We will prepare a detailed site restart process and adapt it to your venue. Your onsite General Manager will follow up with specific site-level details, so that all considerations are taken into place as your venue prepares to reopen to the public.

Keeping Our Venues Safe and Clean

We will protect your employees and your guests with services including surface disinfection and the implementation of social distancing measures, so there can be a communal peace of mind.

Embracing Forward-Facing Innovation

We will enable a safer experience for your guests with reimagined grab-n-go solutions, mobile ordering capabilities, contactless POS terminals and new catering and hospitality processes. Many of these solutions have already been implemented on some scale at many of our locations, but this process will be accelerated moving forward. The future is now.

Support for Our People and the Local Community

We will support our people and communities by designing guidance for front and back of house teams, including PPE provisions and state-specific safety regulations, while also reinforcing local purveyor relationships in your community.

Going Above and Beyond

In order to optimize efficiency beyond the services we are honored to provide your venue today, we can also offer additional capabilities like design management consultancy, energy consumption management, merchandise management, venue sales and marketing.

Our program is fully adaptable to your venue and can be scaled up or down, based on your needs and ambitions. We look forward to discussing with you how we can adapt our program to best fit your venue for the years ahead. Together, we will rise to the occasion.

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